Ship Management

The ship management service is to act ship management activities as the agent for and on behalf the customer as the ship’s owner, to ensure the seaworthiness, safety, and economical operation of the vessels that make up such valuable customer assets, in compliance with applicable rule and regulations.

Our company offers a full range of know-how and experience cultivated over many years in ship management services for a wide variety of vessels, such as tankers (including VLCCs), car carriers, and bulk carriers. Our staffs both sea ad shore base who have experience and well qualified, provide various services to ship owners, including daily ship management activities, as well as those relating to new ship construction and ship purchase and sale.

Our ultimate mission is to ensure the safe operation of the vessels under our management. Essential to the appropriate management of risks associated with ship operations, such as stormy weather, proper maintenance of all machineries and equipment, and accident at sea, are the appropriate monitoring of ship operations based on out management system, daily proper maintenance aimed at prevention, and the management and fostering of qualified and well trained crews who reliably implement these services onboard. Our company successfully manages such risks by having constructed, and by appropriately executing, a comprehensive ship management system that includes a systematic manning service of crews affiliated with us.

We commit to utilizing our abundant experience, resources, and the latest information to the fullest, and responding to our customers' every ship management need.