Consistently striving to develop a neo-liberal economy amidst a rapidly changing economic environment, Japan has now gained a position as one of the greatest economic powers in the world. And, of all the significant developments in the world economy, the growth of the Asian region, including China and India, has become the focus of global attention.

The global shipping industry, including the shipping industry of Japan, can rightly claim to have supported the main artery of this development: ocean logistics. As part of this effort, World Marine Group has contributed to the industry by providing crew manning and ship management services. All companies within the Group provide ongoing support of such initiatives as specialists in marine engineering, capable of responding to various situations, drawing on the Group’s experience and proven track record.

In recent years, crews from Asian countries, particularly Filipino seafarers, have accounted for the majority of the crews manning the Japanese merchant fleet. World Marine Group established a crew manning service with a partner in Manila in the Philippines in the 1970s, before Filipino seafarers properly came to the world’s attention, and we have made every effort to provide our customers with consistent dispatching of crew members.

To achieve successful results when employing foreign crews of different languages and customs, persistent guidance and continuous training are a must. We believe that consistently undertaking such guidance and training fosters mutual trust between the Group and crew members.

Over the many years since 1973, World Marine Group has stationed experienced Japanese ship captains, chief engineers, and accounting managers in Manila, and carried out its unique business management and system of instruction there. In addition to working at recruiting crew members and providing them with guidance and training, we have introduced management systems used regularly in Japan, from cash management perspective as well, and achieved results that can be seen in quality improvements in crew members. By incorporating onsite crew member education and systems of training in the early stages, we have been able to provide excellent crews.

At World Marine Group, we are committed to the management of our customers’ valuable assets: their vessels. In our ship management business, we have established and implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) in accordance with the ISM Code, and in February 1996 obtained our Document of Compliance (DOC). Moreover, all our managed vessels have a Safety Management Certificate (SMC). World Marine Group’s ship management policy is based on its role as a ship owner agency business. As such, we believe our most important mission is to provide high-quality vessel management at an appropriate maintenance and repair cost, resting on the twin pillars of environmental protection and safety assurance, and promptly responding to our customers’ requests.

By fully leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of marine operations in crew manning and ship management, we provide services that lead to customer profits and contribute to society. However, for this to happen, each and every related company and crew members must fully understand roles, fulfill responsibilities, and make the best efforts possible.

Every executive and employee is wholeheartedly committed to ensure that we remain a company that wins customer trust by working to meet customer needs. To this end, we make it our principle to preserve the marine environment, provide safe navigation, and offer reliable, speedy, and economically efficient services. We look forward to your continued support and patronage in the future.