Crew Manning

Our company assigns crew members with an emphasis on crew quality, based on the principle that onboard training is the key to successfully securing and educating an excellent crew.

With the increase in awareness of global environmental protection and of quality in cargo transportation, year after year we have witnessed further enhancement of regulations by way of international treaties relating to human life, ship safety, and the environment, such as SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, and MLC2006. At the same time, there have also been increases in responsibilities relating to safe operations imposed on ships and ship owners, such as the regulations of flag and port states as well as the voluntary regulations of industry associations. Additionally, hand-in-hand with the diversification of shipping operations and the advancement of equipment and instruments, there is increasing demand for improvements in quality, such as demands for higher expertise and onboard support capability of the crew which is a key factor in maintaining safe ship operations.

Ship owners must operate their ships safely on always, and the World Marine Group responds to their various needs by further developing our manning operations, which we have been operating since the company's establishment in 1972, introducing a crew selection system based on our wealth of experience and achievement, and continually assigning top-quality crews of integrity.

Our company assigns a variety of crew members, including Indonesian, Chinese, Myanmarese Korean, and, in particular, Filipino crew members, in response to vessel type, region of navigation, post, and ship owner needs. With regard to the Filipino crew members in particular, Leonis Navigation Co., Inc., established in Manila in the 1970s, is ahead of its rivals, has the capacity at present to secure over 3000 officers and ratings, and achieves an approximate 95% repeater rate.

To further promote safe and economical ship operations, assigned staff from our company and from Leonis Navigation visit each vessel at ports and regional offices in Philippines (Cebu, Iloilo) and closely communicate with ship owners, crew members on standby, crew members onboard, as well as crew members' families, undertaking comprehensive and systematic crew recruitment.

Crew Management System

All personal data is centrally managed by our computerized Crew Management System, including registered crew members’ ages, embarkation histories, onboard evaluations, education and training records, and the period of validity of required documents. This information is utilized for crew selection and available for viewing in real time via the internet.

Ship Visits

Assigned staffs who have a great amount of sea experience actively visit each vessel we have assigned crews to. Ship visits play an important role in promoting close communication between ship and shore, educating seamanship, and providing motivation for achieving safe ship operations.

Promoting System

In order to maintain a steady supply of crew members and train future officers, we have had programs for promoting cadets system via scholarships and the like since the 1980s. Crew members who first boarded our vessels as cadets now actively serve on our vessels as officers, including captains and chief engineers.

At present, in addition to our scholarship program, we are working to secure excellent crew of integrity through partnerships with local merchant marine schools and the provision of engineering training to science and technology university students, and will continue to make every efforts to provide a stable supply of captain and chief engineer candidates to all ship owners in the future.

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